QHub training cluster#

Quansight provides training around the PyData ecosystem. For this training material, a QHub based training cluster is utilized. This guide explains to newcomers how to log into Quansight’s own QHub Training server. If you are looking for instructions on logging into your own organization’s QHub see the user getting started docs.

The person in charge of organizing the training on non-Quansight side will provide a list of names and email addresses. In preparation of the upcomng training session, the Quansight training team will add those users to the aforementioned QHub instance. The instructions that follow assume your user has been added.

To access the training platform:

  1. Navigate tp https://quansight.qhub.dev.

Screenshot of the training platform

  1. Enter your email address, the one associated with your invitation and enter the password. At the start of the training session, your trainer will share this password with you.

Login screen using Keycloak

  1. This should allow you to launch the QHub instance for training. Once logged in, you should see the page below.

Screenshot of initial QHub login page

  1. Once the Start my Server button is clicked, a prompt with different server instances is displayed.

Screenshot of initial QHub page once user logged in

  1. Click on the Training Default option, or whichever option your instructor has directed you to, and wait to access your new JupyterHub instance, similar to the image below.

QHub instance started and populated with many environments

Congratulations, you are now logged in to QHub.

In case you run into any issues, please contact your instructor via email.