Preemptible and Spot instances on QHub#

A preemptible or spot VM is an instance that you can create and run at a much lower price than normal instances. Azure and Google Cloud platform use the term preemptible, while AWS uses the term spot, and Digital Ocean doesn’t support these types of instances. However, the cloud provider might stop these instances if it requires access to those resources for other tasks. Preemptible instances are excess Cloud Provider’s capacity, so their availability varies with usage.


Google Cloud Platform#

The preemptible flag in the QHub config file defines the preemptible instances.

  project: project-name
  region: us-central1
  zone: us-central1-c
  - us-central1-c
  kubernetes_version: 1.18.16-gke.502
# ...
      preemptible: true
      instance: "e2-standard-8"
      min_nodes: 0
      max_nodes: 10

Amazon Web Services#

Spot instances aren’t supported at this moment.


Preemptible instances aren’t supported at this moment.

Digital Ocean#

Digital Ocean doesn’t support these type of instances.