ClearML integration comes built in with QHub, here is how you would enable this integration. Currently ClearML integration is only supported on Google Cloud Platform.

Setting subdomain DNS Record for ClearML

ClearML components requires subdomains, you would need to set a CNMAE or A record for the following subdomains on your QHub.




Note: These domains are automatically setup for you, if you’re using Cloudflare and the args --dns-provider cloudflare --dns-auto-provision passed to qhub deploy.

Create a node group

  1. To enable ClearML integration on GCP QHub deployments, simply enable the feature flag within your qhub-config.yaml file. For example:

  enabled: true
  1. Create a node group with label app: clearml.

    # ....
      instance: n1-highmem-16
      min_nodes: 1
      max_nodes: 5
        app: clearml

Accessing the ClearML server

The ClearML server can be accessed at:


The ClearML dashboard is secured by default with JupyterHub OAuth via Traefik ForwardAuth. You can disable it via a flag in the QHub config yaml:

  enabled: true
  enable_forward_auth: false

This is especially useful for accessing ClearML programmatically.